• Classic trench coat with belt

    Initial price struck through € 79.99Second price struck through € 62.99Third price struck through € 51.99Current price € 44.99
  • Tailored wool coat

    Initial price struck through € 169.99Second price struck through € 134.99Current price € 100.99
  • Double-breasted coat

    Initial price struck through € 179.99Second price struck through € 142.99Current price € 58.99
  • Tailored oversize wool coat

    Initial price struck through € 199.99Second price struck through € 158.99Current price € 65.99
  • Short wool coat

    Initial price struck through € 199.99Second price struck through € 158.99Current price € 57.99
  • Oversize leather-effect trench coat

    Initial price struck through € 99.99Second price struck through € 78.99Current price € 62.99
  • Long coat with lapels

    Initial price struck through € 159.99Second price struck through € 126.99Third price struck through € 55.99Current price € 87.99
  • Oversized virgin wool trench coat

    Initial price struck through € 239.99Second price struck through € 190.99Current price € 82.99

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